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Unlock a lifetime of exclusive rewards by owning a WAGMI Genesis token!

WAGMI Genesis

Welcome to WAGMI Genesis, the world’s first casino utility NFT collection created by WAGMI GROUP NV - a trusted and fully licensed casino operator. The WAGMI Genesis is a one-of-a-kind collection exclusively available to the WAGMI Casino community.

Overall information/stats

Number of tokens: 2,023

Number of drop occasions: 8

Date of the first drop: 30 Jan 2023 11:59am UTC

Price: Free mint

Technical information

Token standard: ERC721A

Smart contract: Etherscan

Collection provenance: Github

The story behind the WAGMI Genesis collection

This exclusive collection began as a project to unite two worlds: gambling and NFTs. And it’s the brainchild of an incredible team with vast experience in both fields, working together to create a new online world.

These tokens have traveled through time and space. Each design captures the luck of a unique culture—from ancient Norse and Celtic civilizations, who believed in the power of the acorn, to the early Irish, who trusted the luck of the four-leaf clover.

The value in owning a token

By owning a WAGMI Genesis NFT, you get access to a wide range of utility items that unlock access to special and unique benefits. Whether you’re looking for redeemable rewards, membership NFTs, or other goodies – we've got something for everyone. The utilities can be grouped into the following three categories:

Cash/Free entertainment/VIP access

We believe that NFTs can be more than shiny collectables and should bring real value to our players. How does receiving the equivalent of €500 every month in your casino crypto wallet sound?

Casino Perks

What is a casino utility NFT without any perks when playing casino? We charged the ownership of one of the WAGMI-NFT tokens with some sweet benefits and perks as well. By coincidence, they are similar to the perks you would get in our loyalty program. But the benefit is that these are immediate, and you will get them from the first spin if you own the NFT.


Want to be a part “owner” of a casino? Don’t know how to go about making that happen? The ownership of one of the tokens is the first key to getting access to the Cashpot every month. The Cashpot keeps growing as our casino grows. So having one of the NFTs makes you a co-owner in the casino.

Genesis series NFTs color

Upcoming Collections

The best way to make money is to own the slot games at Wagmicasino.io. Stay tuned for more information about the plans we have for our upcoming collections.